Another Smoke screen thread


If the car sits for a day or two I start it and it won't smoke. If I've been driving it for a little bit or let it sit and run for a while it will start to puff. I don't think it smokes while I'm driving it just does it when I come to a stop or let it idle after its been running. The longer I let it idle when its warm the more it puffs. Then I'll get a big puff of smoke when I start it when It's warm. I pulled the plugs and they look good, pulled the uppipe and there was oil in it and there;'s oil in the intercooler. Pulled the vac hoses off teh turbo and there was oil on the ends and it looks like my solenoid is blowing oil out the vent tube and running along the valve cover also. There is a film in my inlet on the turbo also. I take it the seals are toast and that is what is causing all my smoke? Other than this the car seems to be running pretty well aside from a slight dog of idle every once in a while. I'll be buying some nittos next spring cause the firestones are now officially down to the wear bars. Regular tires suck, the car spins and slides sideways every time I go 1/3 throttle down or farther:) Now I remember why I bought the car:cool: