Any CNC Items We All Need Made? Helping A Friend Shop That Moved

The throttle bodies may require more than just boring out the housing and making a new blade. While the shaft is modified, many of these units have excessive endplay which is due to the aluminum housing being worn. The repair is making a bushing to address that. Furthermore, the original throttle shaft seals are no longer made. Gbodyparts and other vendors offer a repo but the OD of the seal is too large. So again one would need to open up the housing to repair. I've done a few of these, they all required a different repair.
Trans Pan is only partially practical, we can make the thicker trans flange but the rest is really Fabrication, a fab guy I know could complete that part but again, need the pan first.

Dutt neck, this still made?

Agreed on the trans pan. Just make template of original then all fab work. Will also need to make a pick up.

Dutt neck is no longer made. I have one that I could cut off the intercooler but they are a cast aluminum. Maybe make a mold? Nick Mcale sold some of these as well. The Nick Neck.
This 100%. There are so many designs that people used to use "in secret" that the world has never seen.
Yes many tricks back in the days

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Nice, even made the long filter tube for launching and rear pickup.

Intake Plenums are luckily common still.
Why not run this pan, $200, then add a nice cooler and fan and keep temps low?
Having added capacity is great but in the end the temps being low is the main result and I can keep mine around 155 at all times with a 9.5" spragless converter.

Not alot of people need them but I know a throttle bracket that fits a champion race intake throttle/cc/detent cable would be cool.
I found out they dont make one with our cc/detent cables .
Nick of Arizona GN makes his version of the Dutt neck, looks better too, no need to step into that area. Closed

FWIW, Dave Husek has all billet trans parts for the 200-4r except the forward drum where you reuse it to install the input shaft on. Without getting into details or his exact words, he might not recommend a billet forward drum until you're at a certain power level. If he wants to do it, he knows where to get some machining done.

So billet trans parts and pan = nothing needed for the 200-4r IMO, Dave and FTS have it covered.

Looking like small items, shifter handles, brackets etc.

He'll probably offer ported heads and intake but that's not until he gets the scans done of mine and he evaluates the labor etc.
Heads and intake are getting scanned soon.

I'll make sure to click the link, give them my home address, bank account info and social security number, sounds 👌 Brutus
Heads and intake are getting scanned soon.

I'll make sure to click the link, give them my home address, bank account info and social security number, sounds 👌 Brutus
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He could produce custom parts and components for cars- like engine mounts, brackets, hood hinges, and more. He could also make custom accessories and parts to enhance suspension, exterior, interior, and performance.
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I have an Art Carr deep, finned, cast aluminum, trans girdle/pan on my new Art Carr trans. It's nice!
And I just buy the Vibrant bigger cast aluminum neck and weld it on the stock intercooler. It requires a bit more work but it's CHEAP!