Any high end TV experts??

Scott Atk

Senior Member
Trying to decide between LCD and DLP. What do you guys think? The picture is fantastic on both, so basically what I'm weighing is the possible maintenance down the line. I understand about changing out the bulbs periodically on the DLPs but what about LCDs? I heard there's the possibility of a "pixel burning out" and once its gone there's no fixing it. Any truth??
no expert here, but from what i've been hearing you don't want to waste your money right now. once hdtv comes in the normal tv were used to will be obsolete, can't use it for anything other than videos...

there are two different plug types for the hdtv, one like for a computer moniter then some other one and there not interchangeable. i'd personally wait and see which one prevails, other wise your throwing money away.

my $.02
i heard the same about lcd pixels burning out ihave a 65in mittsubishi hdtv wide screen. 4 years no complaints its no flat screen