Any ideas on train horn installation?


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Jul 1, 2011
Need suggestions on train horn installation because I am planning on getting one installed in my car. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
Here is some advice on putting a train horn on a TurboBuick..............DON'T!!! sell these, they are the real deal.
here are my 2 cents.
the more people have these installed on their cars the more that drivers are going to get accustomed to them which eventually will lead to people ignoring them & then someone is going to ignore a train horn & end up getting crushed by a train.
an example of this has already happen with the flags everyone uses that go on their side windows, everyone pretty much ignores them now & they also ignore the flags that the funeral services have too.
the reason they are called a train horn is because they go on trains & they are on the trains to warn people of a train crossing the road. sell these, they are the real deal.

Damn, they do sell the real ones. It always makes me laugh when truckers say they have real train horns. Then when you look at them they are plastic or some junk chrome ones. The ones my company sells to MTAs are Nathan. They are the big old cast aluminum ones. Normally the ones I see go out the door are the two horn versions.
Those videos are so damn funny it hurts:biggrin::biggrin:

However I got a feeling if someone did it to me I'd be looking to "hurt" them :eek:
hello; I'm not into the horn thing but maybe you can get one to make animal noises. not
1of1547 I'd like to see your 87 "rat rod". There was a guy in my area with a rotted out mess of a GN around but I think it's gone. I'd see it slowly riding around but never at any speed. It was more if a mess than anything else.