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  • I would like to be able to change the selling price of a car I have listed for sale in the Classified Section. The price only appears in the title of the thread, so putting a new price in an updated post in the thread is not necessarily the best way to communicate the new lower price. Please allow me to edit the title on my post, reducing the price from $11,000 to $9,500. Thank you, Dick Lynch
    Hello Sir, Well, it appears that Turbopat just hustled me out of $500.00 for a used Cas V4 Slic. I had transferred the money on Tuesday afternoon and it is now Friday and this guy will not respond to me and I feel this guy is a crook and needs to be monitored closely. Thanks
    Shane, Bruce Urie here.....could you please tell me what size your Torque Thrust IIs are in your avatar? I'm looking to get 16 x 8 Torque Thrust II for my '87 GN, and I think yours may be 17". I 've always liked your GN in your avatar. The wheels look so proportional with it.

    Thank you kindly.

    Bruce '87 Grand National
    Shane, why do I not see the political forum?
    Is there some signup req'd?
    If so, how do I do that?

    Shane, something going on w/ my acct.
    1. I get a PM from a fake, new member, and forward it to you. Now, there's no record in my PM list. Playboy.
    2. I am not able to view the political forum. Where is it?
    3. STILL having to refresh the page, to get a post to upload.

    What's going on?

    Just looked their profiles.. Same punk> Playboy. Today at 1:23 AM Today at 12:49 AM
    Hello Shane,
    I don't know why, but I am blocked from this site. Could you please unblock so I am able to use this site.

    Thank you,
    Chris Kirk

    Username: plez4giv@aol.com
    Hello! I'd like info on becoming a site contributor/vendor. I build reproduction harnesses and would like to share some products with members here on the board. Please let me know what you need from me-thanks!
    For some reason I can't upload a regular JPEG photo to my thread? I have uploaded maybe 5-6 photos to the site in the past but I get an error message now that says "There was a problem uploading your file"? Is there a limit or a membership fee to upload files?
    hi i have been working on a product that has been long time coming. every time i look at a gn you see the square scanning tool or that alcohol controller or electronic boost controller. there some where wedged or double sided taped to the normal places where every one puts them .
    hi just want to no what my fee would be to sell something on your site i am not a vendor just a do it your self type of guy .please reply thanks.
    Hey bud, I was logged in on my IPhone through tapatalk, and now it is telling me that either my username or password is incorrect or that an administrator has blocked my access. Is there a way for you to help me out with this? My Username is Rotti54 and my Password is rottweiler. At least that is what I believe it to me.
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