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  • I am a local burlington resident and a turbo buick fan (will have a project in the future) My son and I are hoping to catch the group as it is escorted through town, we can gets some good pictures and shoot video for you if you already don't have someone stationed in town to do so, if you happen to know the route you will take through town and approx time we would like to see the parade of turbo buicks, and we will be there at the track fri or saturday to watch the runs. Don't forget to eat a hearty breakfast at biscuitville.
    Shane I finally got some work in here & will be sending you some ransom soon so don't fire me yet. Regards Lou
    I have been a member for a while. I know that I am computer stupid. Why cant I copy and paste a url??? I try to post trader ratings, and 3 out 4 times I cannot copy. WHY? No matter how I try The trader feedback will not leave me post a url. WHY? It pisses me off. WHY? will it not accept a url? Thanks, Jack
    I keep getting messages that TB site is too busy. Wanted to be sure you were aware.
    "Hot Air"
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