Any info on this cam?


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I got a cam with a new engine package deal, but the cam didn't come with a cam card. Wondering if ANYONE has info or experience with this cam.
Will be installing it, as its a roller and I have had a flat tappet in the old motor so its a nice upgrade. Not trying to break any records with this new motor.

Stamped on the cam; "Precision Turbo & Engine, L-1509, BV6-210-HR12" The lift was measured by my machine shop @ .485 lift.
Its a billet roller cam.

Thank you in advnace.
That looks like a Comp Cams #. Call them first. If it is a CUSTOM/SPECIAL ORDER Comp cam, it will have a serial# on it. They keep records of the customs by serial#.
Is that cam lift, or did they multiply by the rocker ratio? That and the serial # will be the first things they ask you. Also, is that the lift on intake and exhaust? Did they measure both lobes? Was it measured by dial veneer, or on centers in a lathe with a dial indicator? As the duration gets larger, measuring across the base circle becomes more inaccurate as the duration increases and the ramps move farther out on the base circle.
I believe from the #, it is between the 206@.050 and the 212 @.050, on a 112 separation with no advance ground in, and a slower ramp to be easier on the springs.
I don't know why it would be a billet with the #s that small. Post a big pic with the cam and the end with #s.
Probably a #3300 extreme energy lobe.
Same ramp as 206 or 212, but 210 @ .050, but on 112 degree lobe center.
Still need a pic. I don't know why it would be ground on a billet rather than austempered cast blank. Billet blanks are pricier, and not needed on a cam this small.