any leads to a 8.5" g-body rear for sale?


Jun 4, 2002
ill be looking for one real soon so im posting up to see what pops up in the future. these things are heavy so i prefer around the bay and surrounding areas outside of the bay so i can pick it up because shipping will be over kill and over my budget.
prefer something ready to bolt on and complete drum to drum with stock 3.42 gears and posi.
nothing that needs a rebuilt or in pieces unless its priced right!
also want a driveshaft to go with it if possible.

thanks guys
have one drum to drum posi all stock pm me iam in the L.A area:biggrin:also have a drive line too if you need it
forgot to mention i prefer one from an 87 gbody because the tranny i have is from that year. not sure if older year rears/driveshaft will be incorrect for my tranny.