Any thoughts ?


Sep 27, 2002
I know this question is asked to death, but I want to be sure I can beat a friends blown stang and also another buddies 454 cutlass. (high 11-13 sec cars) I dont reall ycare about the cutlass, but I dont like that pesky stang.

My Combo

-ported heads
-comp cams 260H
-Duttwiller neck
-All the freebie basic mods (dont feel like typing)
-911 3400 stall converter
-Hooker exhaust with a cut out
-3" THDP
-MSD 50's

Thats the major stuff and I also have a full set of aftermarket gagues and scanmaster to keep an eye on it. I prob forgot a few little things but this is the ajority of the combo.

Any guesses on pump/race fuel and non alky ? I am looking into getting some stickies so it hooks as well. Thanks for your input guys
how much boost you run?
11-13 sec? thats kinda vague:) unless the mustang has some serious money in it, it should be high maybe mid 12' have any details on the stang?
I think you'd see a decent gain from a bigger intercooler. But in street trim i see no reason why it shouldn't trap 112-115 with 16 psi, hell my car pulled 110 with 15 psi with out locking the TC and a slipping 2-3. I see ya have alky, so up that to 20-22 psi. Tuned right, it should be 118 or more once you get all the tuning worked out. E.t. all depends on the hook, but i think you have potential to run a very high 11 with out alky, and definatly with the alky. In full race trim i think the intercooler and injectors may hold ya back from 10s but low 11s are reasonalble.
The reson I was vague on the times is that I am not totally sure about the combo, guy is keepng tight lipped. I know he bought some 185 AFR heads, a trick flow stage 2 cam and is looking at a blower (not sure what one). Good thing about that guy though is he will wuss out when he finds prices out, I just dont like him cause he is way too cocky, so I would like to tech him a lesson.

Well lets hope my car rocks, it better, I have spent a good chunk of change on it and fixed alot of problem ... *fingers crossed*