Anybody Parting a TTA?


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Jul 9, 2001
I realize that this is a long shot, but does anyone know of a TTA that is being parted?

If so, I would be interested in the front brakes.

The Front brakes are not TTA specific they are 1LE brakes, you can still get all that stuff new if you wanted.
Go to They have a tech article on converting a car to the 1LE/TTA brakes. There were some mods to the spindles that the factory made. This article shows how to modfiy your existings spindles. You need the 2 rotors which can be purchased in the aftermarket from Raybestos (part#5994), the calipers which are dual piston PBR's like the 88-91 Corvettes (with 12inch) used. You will also need the cast iron caliper brackets/carriers. These are discontinued from GM, but you can most likely use the ones from a Corvette or from a 94-98 Ford Mustang Cobra as these both utilized the same calipers.
The other thing is if you have a factory rear disc brake equipt car, you will need to change the master cylinder to one for a rear drum brake car as the volume requirements are different. hth
Thanks for the replies guys. I was aware that the TTA brakes are actually the 1LE option available on various 3rd Gen F-bodies (That's why I made this post :) ). Problem is that the LH caliper carrier bracket is now discontinued and will never again be sourced by GM. I have all the other parts but am short this one piece. This swap is well documented at also and one of the big 3rd Gen suppliers is working to get the brackets reproduced from the original supplier in Austrailia (PBR). If it goes through, the parts won't be available until probably May or so. While the calipers may be the same as the Mustang's & Vette's, the brackets unfortunately are not.

The standard front brakes on my 89 Formula are in need of service and I didn't want to dump money into them now only to replace them completely next spring. I was just wondering if somebody had a used TTA LH bracket for sale that I could get now.