Anyone catch "Life" on NBC 4/8/09?


May 25, 2001
The GN is featured in quite a few scenes, and during the opening where he's stopped at a light, it sounds like they used the car's real engine sound.

My wife noticed that they do quite a few of the high-speed shots from the trunk, with the Grand National emblem right in your face.

I think it was the season finale. Just as with last season's finale, Crews realizes that he has to ditch the car. I won't give away what happens in case there are fans who haven't seen it yet, but it is a shocker.

I still believe that the show's producer is really into GN's. Though it doesn't have the audience that F&F does, the GN gets WAY more respect from "Life."
Everytime I've watched it, they never show the GN, so it figures I'd miss last night. I'll have to try and find it on the net...
I saw it. There are some good shots of the power 6 emblems on the seats when they are talking and a street shot. I thought the back end looked a little strange. Like they did something with the lights. Looked pretty good to me though. I am wondering if bringing it back had anything to do with the FF popularity?
They wrecked the GN into a garage but if you look close its a cutlass with the stripe on it
Maybe that's why I had the impression they messed up the tail lights. lol It was only a one second shot from the back.
Caught it on NBCs website, and that shot of it from the back seemed like a messed up CGI.
some screencaps:
#2 shows the late-model GM stereo
#4 you can barely make out the Cutlass opera window, but in motion it's easy to see
#5 is the rigged rear that WLDWST and Roc87 are talking about - almost looks like T-Bird

Has there ever been any talk about whose car this is? Front mount, Power 6 headrests, late-model radio, aftermarket shifter, the hotair wheels...seems like a pretty hardcore owner.


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At least they didn't destroy a GN. Another reason why I think the producer has more than a passing interest in our cars.