Anyone ever install a glue up ceiling?

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Mark Hueffman - Owner
May 25, 2001
Getting ready to do a major redo on the kitchen/dining room. New cabinets, peninsula, floor, crown moulding and a decorative ceiling.

I am removing the soffit above my existing cabinets, it just looks so 70ish. Only problem is I will have to sheetrock in the missing sections once the soffit is removed. There is now way I am going to match the existing ceiling so I was thinking about doing a ceiling with Armstrong #1243 12"x12" glue up tiles. No grid work and the are only 1/2" thick. They have a tongue and groove setup and when installed you can't see the seams.

Anyone have any experience putting these up? Hopefully my ceiling will turn out as nice as this. $1.45 a square foot so I am looking at about $400 to do this area.
Besides the glue you have to nail it in the tongue and groove area ( so they can't be seen ) Rent or borrow an air nailer from somebody will make the job easier.
Tarey D.
make sure you snap lines to keep it square what we use is a jet line also to keep it square it could be a nigth mare you could be out a 1/16 on one end by time you get to the other side your out a inch it is take your time laying it out so there are no slivers against the walls
basicly mark what you wanna do is start in one corner of the room take a measurement as close to the ceiling as possible. say 18 in off the wall (a tile and a half )make a mark on the ceiling and do the same thing on the otrher side of the room off the same wall and snap a line on the ceiling you can do the same thing off the other 2 walls with a different number say 12 in snap the line and check for square the way to check would be 3-4-5 start where the 2 lines cross measure 3 ft off 1 line and 4ft off the other then measure then measure the 2 marks you made from 1 to the other you shoul have 5 ft or within a half in depends on the walls .you would follw these lines for your seams on the tiles.what you would do with a jet line is a refference line different measurements off the walls say 36in off the the same wall on either end and hang the line about 3/4 below finish ceiling you can step down to make sure your running straight you hang the jet line where a seam will fall because the chalk lines will disapear the jet line will keep you straight hope this gives you some idea