Anyone got an extra wastegate actuator lying around?


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May 24, 2001
I need another wastegate actuator cheap if possible. Remember the instructions on Well it says to cut off a quarter of an inch. I took a look and 1/4 of an inch didn't seem like enough.:D Well I cut off a little more than that an now run 21 PSI constantly. Its not so bad as I have an alcohol injection kit but was thinking of stepping up to a higher timing chip. If not I will live with it until I upgrade the turbo. Did Turbo Virg ever get back to all of you? I wanted that PT 51 he had.
Mako.........Try to e-mail John(TurboJohn) I need one for a friend but later he found it so I dont need it. Maybe he might sell it to you? I think he still has the turbo for sale did you try to e-mail him? Turbo Virg
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Ok I'll try and e-mail John. I emailed Turbo Virg and he responded. I sent him my cell number then told him to call me. Never heard from him. I want to upgrade but I am not rushing anything. If the seller isn't interested in selling then... but I'll try it again.
Ivan , I have one that you can have. Give me a call on Monday 386-0333. I will be at work at Pearl Harbor 7-3:30 :)
Hey John sorry I couldn't call you. Didn't check the boards. Its mid-term time at UH again... Will call you tomorrow.