Anyone have problems with the SMC low level light?


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May 25, 2001
I don't know if the float is stuck or what but the low light is always on now. When I fill it up too much the low light will be dim. I have tried silicone but that didn't help. Any ideas?
low level light

Mine started doing the same thing 3 weeks after the kit was new.I received my kit the end of June.I called Steve and he said he knew what the problem was and if I sent it back he would fix it.I did not send it back yet because I am still racing and don't want to be without the kit until winter.I hope Steve still takes care of it.By the way my light does the same thing only the problem comes and goes.It will be okay for a while and then act up for a while.Bruce
Mine also turned out like that 3 weeks after I got the kit. I just wiggled the float a little and no more low level light. Maybe I just got lucky. Hopefully, that problem doesn't come back again.

I had called Steve on the phone and he said he had updated the float switch since my purchase and that the switch would need updated to cure the problem.Bruce