Anyone here do TV repair?


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May 27, 2001
Hey guys.. my TV is kind of acting up.. its about 2 or 3 years old... Samsung 27"...

its kind of hard to explain, but here goes.. it randomly makes a high pitched noise.. and its NOT the flyback transformer.. it has to do with the plastic housing.. if i put my hand on the case and push, or, sometimes, if i put a piece of cardboard or something underneath the back edge, the high pitched whine goes away.. sometimes i can tap on the side or top and it goes away.. i just want to know what causes this and maybe then i can fix it.. i've worked on tv's before (took 3 years of electronics classes in HS.. fixed a few with my teacher as a project) but i just dont know what could cause this.. any ideas? It seems to start whining when a color change happens.. then sometimes it will stop with another color change.. usually when a lot of white is on the screen. maybe its a coincidence but it seems like they are connected...

also.. if there is a lot of white in the top corners.. they will turn yellow / green sometimes.. kinda like if you are playing a game or something.. i know this is unrelated but what causes this?

thanks guys..
I've been in electronics for the last decade or so,....

Unplug the thing take the back off and vacuum it out. It's gonna be full of dust etc.

BTW,...stay clear of the thing even after unplugged. Hurts to get hit by 1500 V! Use a paint brush and a shop vac!

It'll improve.

yeah.. i know about the red wire and getting shocked real bad :)

but, well, the color isnt due to magnets.. it only happens usually if im playing a game or something and i pause it for a few minutes.. otherwise it never turns that color..