Anyone here go to Lebanon Valley???


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May 24, 2001
Just curious. I went to the track for the Buick/Impala day, and it was pretty cool, although I didnt run.
I have only run at ESTA in Cicero, which really stunk. You could not hear lane calls, (which I missed and got kicked out) and the track employees were mean, not to mention the starter that my friend and I were determined to run over for pissing us off so bad.
You couldnt get info outta anyone, and no one was of any help when I was there. ANyone else been there?

LVD looks like a much better run place. People seem more helpful there and it seems to be run better, at least from what I saw.
I think I may try a few runs there before the year is out, I just want to know what to be prepared for, what to look out for and all that.
Hey Jason,
I have to check out something with on my car tomorrow night, change the O2 sensor and the plugs. I might be able to make it, hotsix231 said he's going. I'm gonna E-mail him tomorrow night after I get done with the car and I'll post back here and let ya know if I'll make it this Saturday the 6th.

the valley

Lebanon Valley is a haul for me. I have to come from up north then go west. Last time i went out there i think it took me the better part of 3 hours. damn! :)