Anyone in Fantasy Football here? ..... any advice?


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May 24, 2001
If you are how are you doing? In all the years I have played I have never seen it so tight. I think some of it is because of high hopes gone bad on big name players. I am tied for first in my division at 6-5 and play the other first place team this weekend. His biggest threat is Manning who may be without Harrison and goes against the #1 pass defense (Bills) and he has Holmes.
I only have two spots that are almost a coin-toss for me to give the starting nod... QB and 2nd RB. For QB it is either Donovan....hasn't done anything until the last two games McNabb going against the Saints or Mr. Consistent Jake Plummer going against The Bears. The RB situation is B. Westbrook going against the Saints, Tiki Barber going against the Bucs or M. Pittman going against the Giants. Any opinions?

If I win this week I think I have the division.
Tiki Barber has been one of my best players. He coughs up the rock plenty, but he catches a lot of passes and is a decent rushing threat aa well. He has done more for me than my # 1 pick Ricky Williams. The Bears are horrible so I would go with Plummer. I am 6-4 in my league with a bye this week.
I'm in 3 leagues, 1st, tied for 1'st, and in the middle of the pack in the other.
Some stats:
NO 178yds/G passing with 14TD's 7Int
Chi 190yds/G passing with 13TD's 10Int

NO 133yds/G rushing giving up 8 TD's
TB 112yds/G rushing giving up 6 TD's
NY 116yds/G rushing giving up 10TD's

Not a big fan of Plummer but Chicago's Off won't be able to move the ball against Denvers D giving Plummer more scoring chances. I also have Donavan but he needs to show me 1 more good game before he goes in before Pennington.

I believe TB will be up for this game, and since NO is down towards the bottom D's in rushing I'd go with Westbrook, but then again Phili uses 3 RB's. And you don't know how much TB is going to give Thomas Jones the ball?

Good luck you'll need it;)