Anyone know what this is for??

JC Turbo

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Jun 15, 2001
Under the driver side of the dash near the fuse panel I found this plug and resistor all taped up. Just curious if this is factory or not.


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It is a diode and is part of the factory theft deterrent system. Can't recall the RPO code for it.

I do have a factory theft deterrent system. The diode looks like its factory but the tape on it sort of looked like duct tape and that's why I questioned what it is and if its factory.

Thanks for the answers.


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The factory commonly uses black duct tape in the harnesses. The most common location is the A/C compressor clutch connector. It too has a diode in it, in this case to eliminate the inductive kickback when the clutch is disengaged.

Many splices in the harnesses are also wrapped in duct tape.

It is factory, It's on my car (also had factory theft deterrent)
Oh yes.

Remove some of the underhood plastic wire looms and behold the black "duct tape" like substance.
Splices, 1-3 connections etc.
They obviously loved it at the factory.