Anyone knows what shade grey GM used on these GTA wheels


I am trying to restore these to original condition because I prefer this grey on my T more than the black. I believe GTA wheels only came in 3 standard colors. Black, Grey and Gold. Trying to restore 4 fronts to their original grey. Anyone???


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Not sure what GM used but I have done a few sets of wheels in Duplicolor wheel coatings and hpw102 graphite looks close.
Here is a picture of the wheels I did in Duplicolor HWP102 graphite ,maybe the silver is more the color now that I look at it.
I think that it is the same as the gun metal gray they used at the time dont rember the paint code but IM sure its the same .
I got a can today from Advance and tried it on one of the wheels and I am impresssed and pleased with how it turned out. The color is identical to stock. Thanks.:smile: