Anyone remember the band Metal Church?


Lone Wolf
May 24, 2001
I am in the process of converting all my CD's to MP3 format and I came across the CD - Blessing in Disguiese.

I want to get "The Dark".

I love the title song!

Found this....

Select the album..... select the track... and it give you the lyrics

"It's way past midnight
There's a howling wind
Oh God what can it be?
Something out there evil
And it's coming straight for me.........."
Been going thru all my old tapes.......Corrosion of Conformity, Flotsam and Jetsam, Kreator, awwwwww I'm gittin depressed :(
Don't get depressed! Crank up the volume and scare the neighbors.

I just wish I had a better sound system in the GN so I could blast some Church this spring :-(
I have that Metal Church somewhere...wasn't one of those songs Beyond the Black. <devil sounding voice>The War is over, we split the planet with Atomic Bursts......

Some other fogotten 80s Metal....Nuclear Assualt, Testament, & Queensryche:cool:
Originally posted by tim87tr
Some other fogotten 80s Metal....Nuclear Assualt, Testament, & Queensryche:cool:

Slayer, King Diamond, Manowar, Mercyful Fate, Gwar, Fates Warning, Raven...:cool:
Metal Church... hmmm yea I remember them :D
I'll hit you like a ton of bricks!
I think a lot of us guys with these black cars (and TTA's) have more in common then we realize.

I remember that group, they were cool, i have the first 3 albums that they came out with, ahhhhhhhhh bring back memories, wearing denims and leather, hmmmm isn't that a song?:confused: (hint):D
Thanks alot, a$$holes! My therapy had worked and I had finally erased the cover of 'Hanging In The Balance' from my it will be another 10 years. :D Remember seeing those guys' videos introduced by Rikki Rachtman all the time on the old Headbanger's Ball? Where did my youth go?
"Beyond the Black" was the first track of their self-titled debut album. Also a great album that I have on tape somewhere.

I think it's great that I finally found a board where so many people can appreciate my "deviant" musical preferences!
I still have my "Y & T" Going Down For the Count album circa 1985, "Scorpions World Wide Live" 1987 just to name a few.