Are these TTY bolts?


Signal 1 J-12
May 22, 2002
Are the rod and main cap bolts in the LC2 motor torque to yield? Has anyone here reused the OE fasteners with good results if they are indeed TTY?? Lastly, anyone know the part numbers for ARP rod bolts and main studs & bolts both???

OE cylinder head bolts are TTY; rod and main bolts are not and can be reused.

ARP 123-5401 for main studs w/ nuts and washers
ARP 123-6002 for rod bolts

Century Performance and Redmist Motorsports typically have pretty good prices on these.

Buzz White in Houston, TX (
Joe, I have heard that you are not suppost to re-use the rod and main bolts. However, you know I did in both of my cars. GN has 6K since we went through it, and the T-type has almost 30K since it was out.:eek:
Neil, I have re-used rod and main bolts too. Yes, you can re-use the rod bolts and the main cap bolts with no problems. Believe me, something else will break before they do. I may have heard people say to buy new rod bolts. I think those folks are just anal and like to hear themselves talk.