Art Carr (CPT) TH400 converter for sale


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Jun 27, 2005
This converter was originally in a full stage 2 headed race car. I had it “re-stalled” at Art Carr about 6 months ago? They said originally it was 5k stall, and could possibly get it down to 3500. Well, it’s still too loose for me and I’m looking to sell it to someone who can use something like this. Long shot knowing most don’t run a TH400. They said this converter had not been made in years, one because it was too expensive, and 2, not much demand, but it was their top of the line converter. Looks to be 9”

Enclosed are some pics. I’ve put around 3k miles on it, trans temp never goes over 170, clean fluid in the trans. Currently still in the car, will be removing this week. Would be excellent for a 1000+/-HP car. Looking to get $500 shipped?