Asbuty Park, NJ


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Dec 6, 2009
All I know is that's a LONG drive. Congrats! Must have been a ball!

If you are a California Buick guy, I believe Papa Lou would be very proud, I can tell you that!
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Hellcat is the grand national of today and the demon is the GNX. The money people dumped into Buick’s can buy one of those cars. Wouldn’t it be great to own a GNX and a demon two collector cars.
There nothing like social distancing in your favorite Muscle car. But if you're around a crowd that plate is not going to keep folks 6ft away .
Nice pic..
Everyone was awesome. Even though I was illegally parked a cop said, take all the time I needed.
Great day for shots that are normally impossible to get.


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2 of my favorites. A demon and social D! Seen em live at least a dozen times.
Awesome, I sent pic to Mike Ness. Would like to see the car used in print or video. Do you see Mike in the background? I drove there for that shot, and one more.
Is that him on the door? Where is that? I'm in ohio I don't know that area. Every year in Cleveland the play at house of blues.
Those were taken in Asbury Park, NJ. Its the music capital of NJ. Its on the Atlantic shore and there are so many music venues there. I've been there on nights where you can hear 5 bands from different venues play in the nights air. Actually as a matter of fact last year SD was playing on a beach stage at night, they then brought Bruce Springsteen on to do a few songs. Crowd went crazy, I was there.