.ATR Liquid Intercooler Complete # RP 374


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Complete ATR liquid intercooler with braided lines and AN fittings, New pump used 2 weeks before removed.
Mounting Bracket for pump
Only thing that could be changed would be resevior bottle.
Even the stainless mounting bolts on condenser are there.
Shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. How, Insurance and carrier. I will pack very well as I always do. This will be agreed upon.
or ……?????
Think I have the killer way to ship it as well.)

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Don't have the "up" pipe. I have what you see..
Altho I have another complete one on Kenny so I can look at it.

Its because I don't have the UP pipe ….. HUH?:ROFLMAO:

Oh and I found a reservoir bottle that is nicer than the VW posted.
Then again anybody can make their own personal reservoir. Many different ideas have been implemented here.
Never would have guessed this... OFFERS???
Probably because the price is a little steep even though it was 2k back in the day, not many of the younger guys remember or even know what it is, i run one myself and it works great. the up-pipe S-bend is probably gonna be $150+ to duplicate ..
I think I may have found it today. When you find yours we will compare. Thanks for the help...
I think I may have found it today. When you find yours we will compare. Thanks for the help...

Ok Ive found it ... definitely has a offset to match the intercooler .. not even close to the stock one .. cant miss the difference ...

Just a FYI .. new Liquid intercoolers with updated cores go for $750 .. Ive seen the ATR's go for ~$250 so may not be worth your while to sell it. These intercoolers got a bad wrap by a lot of folks that truly didn't understand
what these units offered.. IMHO these intercoolers were way ahead of their time ! GLWS
but id rather have you call me to discuss than on here
im around after 10 am PST