attaching files help....


Freddie's Buick

I'm trying to post some pics but the file attachment mechanism on the forum does'nt seem to work. Tryed attaching jpeg files less than 512,000 bytes and it still won't says file is too large, (file size I'm trying to attach is 204,000 bytes). Can anyone help?
Hi Jim!

I too had this problem as you probably already know. I gave up. Rich uploads his images so I decided to do the same. Most Internet Service Providers give their customer a page as I found out. So by trial and error I decided to use my ISP's services. Now I just upload my images to my home page and Ta-da! Images ala www!

I tried posting this problem about attachments on the other message boards as with here. Unfortunatley I've yet to recieve a response. :(
HI Freddie :D
I have been meaming to build a web site for some time. but I work on computors at work and 2 of my 3 systems at home are down :mad: Every time I fix 1 another goes down. Between long hours at work(+taking work home) and trying to fix my car I don't have alot of time left. Have to work on my time mangement.