Attention Calendar buyers. Oops I did it again!


Well, things have been going WAYYY to smoothly for how crazy my 2 businesses have been lately. Seems everyone decided that their hard drives should crash this week..,..

I just realized last night (with the help of my wife) that the first batch of calendars went out with no holes punched in them again.

DOH!!!! :eek:

SO, I apologize, you will have to go locally to get your own holes done on those calendars. Rest assured, the "hole" employee has been retrained and will not let it happen again.... (this year.... ;) )

For real though.... sorry about that....
will a simple paper whole punch work? if so then there is no problem right?

cant wait to see the calendar (when i get back off deployment in FEB!) oh well whoever january is will get skipped....
Yes, of course.... I never used to put holes in them, because ZI always used a thumbtack to hang it.

But, people wanted holes so i started putting them in.

I just forgot the first batch before they went in the mail.....

It was a 20 post thread about "turbo holes" last year.....
If a calendar recipient cannot manage to punch a hole, then I do not believe they belong under the hood of a TR. (You know what a round hole looks's the kind of fist Mustang owners make when no one's around.)
can a dremel be used? if i dont have a flowbench at home, are there any local places or well known places i can send it out to?
how big can i go as far as hanger hole porting goes?
Before I order, I want to be assured that it will come pre-drilled. If not, it may sit on my desk for months before I get around to it.
All orders placed after last Tuesday for sure have the holes.

What I meant by my post above was we had pages of stuff like that last year about turbo holes, flow testing, bigger holes have more lag, etc.