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Dave King

I have a 97 Ford 4.6 blown cobra that the Ford EDIS module craps out at 8000rpms. I believe the problem lies inside the EDIS module itself and is distorting the PIP signal to the SpeedPRO. So in an effort to correct this problem I am
I'm trying your new EDIST box. Lideo from Alternative and I are both going to try to make
this work on our cars, but to our knowledge nobody has done this before.

I have a few questions for you, if you could help out at all I would appreciate it.
For my stock crank trigger I was using the PIP and SPOUT wires to the stock crank trigger.

I have been told that since I now am using a V8 Magnetic Crank Trigger
that I will not be using pip and spout anymore and that I will use the actual
Crank Position wire in the speed Pro harness. Can you help me locate this wire?
In which wire bundle should this wire be in? I didnt do the install and I can't find the wire
anywhere in the engine bay. Is it marked? What is the color code for it?
It doesnt seem to be loose and floating around anywhere.
At the very least can tell me what pin out and on what connector from the speed pro
brain its coming out of so I can try to trace it back?

Just to make sure that I am in the right direction I have been told that I will
use the white wire that is marked points for the coil trigger. I"m still using factory
Ford coil packs, to which coil am I going to trigger? I have all the DIP switches set, and
I"m getting ready to send the speed pro back to you to have it modified for inductive

Am I missing other details? Any other pit falls I need to be aware of?