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May 23, 2001
I'm sure you noticed that there are guys sucessfully using the Ford powerstroke intercooler lately and I was wondering what the possibility of fabbing up a version for this I/C is? I'd bet the intercooled crowd would also like a kit to make installation easier.Just an idea.
frount mount

Early testing has showed that the ford FM is 1 awsome IC. Some of the feed back #'s are remarkable. All that would need to be done is to fabricate new plumbing and maybe some sort of IC mounting brackets. Im not sure what the mounting procedure for the ford unit is. Do you know the cost of the IC? If its cost is close to what a stock 86/87 IC along with the modification cost to the 86/87 unit, I would have no problem selling a ford front mount version at the same price. Even tho the stock intercooler is modified in a way that removes alot of the restriction it may be the "weak link" in the equation. But that "weak link" if you will, makes its very affordable to IC the car. Believe you me im not married to the stock itercooler, if there is a way to adapt the ford peice and it be with in reason as far as cost I would by all means make it with the ford unit. If there is anyone out there that wants a TM kit with a ford front mount please let me know and I will get one ready.
It cost me $278.11 through my work. I should've looked around more. Still, it's a heck of a deal. I'm going to try and have it mounted today. It looks like the mounting is the easy part but fitting the plumbing is going to take some modification.