Audi TT

Got my first encounter with one of these cars. Roads just got done drying up. Took the car out with my buddy a stroll around town and i see this car coming up quick tail gating me. so i slowed down to piss him off :D and we caught the light.
To my suprise this guy is 50 y/o in a suite and tie. So hes reving his engine. i spool a little to get a lb of boost. Light turns green and unleashed the beast. off the line it was pretty close i with one lb and hooked nicely. are these cars AWD? but to conclude the story once i hit about 25 i was gone. he just kept on getting father and father in my mirror. so i let off and he flew by me and gave me a thumbs up. nice ol guy! with a young heart.
Yea when they first came out I was at a VW/Audi?Porsche deal and they had a dark blue one. It was a cute little car till I saw the Price. The deal was talking to me and he said... yea we keep it out front for the attention. I was like why its just a little convertible like the S2000 or Z3.
His response was, Yes but its the faster car under $50,000 because the vettes are a lot more.
I laughed and said so your telling me its faster than an LS1 Trans Am?
he said yea, I think how much HP does a Trans am have. I responded with 320.
His smile dropped and he simply said "oh"

I thought it was funny at the time. Besides I was there looking at the Turbo Bugs for my Girlfriend. She heard how easy it was to make them fast and she thinks they are so cute. I agree to and you can get so much more stuff on them than any other car in their class.
OK I am rmabling.