Back For Another Cam Discussion!!


Hot Air Teacher/Student
Apr 3, 2003
Ok. In the hot air threads, we have all agreed that the speed-pro sealed power 204-214 cam is a great cam for the hot air cars. I have considered for a long time getting a stick in this car, and I think that this is the cam I am looking for also. I have looked at the lunati cam, the poston cam, and all of them seem to be great choices, but the speed-pro seems to have the most feedback, and very positive results.

My question is, when I replace the cam, I figure I am going to have to make a few more changes. What are they? What do I need to do to slap a new cam in my car as per valves, lifters, and all that nice stuff? I have a shortblock that is .30 over sitting in a crate waiting to be finished, and i think this would be a nice finishing touch. Thanks a lot everybody!!!

Since nobody else is touching this thread, I'll throw in my opinions. As for the cam your thinking of, my buddy has the same stick and runs 120+ mph on alky/pump with it and seems to like it a bunch. As far as what else you need to do when R&R the cam: you need new lifters (100 pounders will work fine), you should replace the OE timing chain with some kind of name brand double roller unit (do not use the timing chain tensioner), you should also check and replace (only if necessary) the cam bearings. If you have the motor out of the car, you might as well check the rod and main bearings and throw some new ones in there if need be. Other than that, you really need not do anything else but make certain you use the proper break-in procedure for a new cam and change the oil/filter shortly after break-in. Now, if I were you, and assuming the cam that is in there now is the OE unit and it's in spec, I would leave it alone and put some higher ratio roller rockers on instead. The roller rockers with the higher ratio will give you higher lift (kinda like a larger lift cam) and you'll benefit from the decreased friction of the roller....not to mention that the rollers are much easier to set preload with. Between me and my pop we've used a bunch ofdifferent brand/duration aftermarket cams and have found that they just don't seem to hold up like the OE castings. I have a motor out of my TTA right now because my 1200 mile Comp Cam ate 2 lobes....and this is not the first time this has happened to us! Next go around for me will be an aftermarket cam that has been cryo treated. Hope that helps some.
Anybody ever dry film lubed the cam before installation?

I have access to the stuff, seen a few people touch on it.
I don't follow the hot air threads, but I don't know why cam selection would be different. The 204-214 seems to have too much exhaust duration. Most "turbo" cams are even, like the Postons GN107T, at 202-202, or have longer intake duration, like the Postons GN110T, at 212-206, or the ATR RP313B, at 208-201. Either of these vendors, as well as Mich Licht, Jack Cotton, Conley, and others will sell you a good cam and kit, with the right lifters springs, retainers, chain, etc. May get a better buy that way, as opposed to buying the pieces all separately.