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Jul 27, 2015
Back for another round of Buick fun after buying a friends GN today! I had a 87' Turbo T Limited between 98'-2001 if I recall, and yes I was on this forum. I like to mod and went through broken 200r4's more often than I could afford at the time. Ran 12.17@109 on stock injectors, intercooler and downpipe, Then juiced it with a 75 shot to 11.77@112. Then my friend Turbo Don and I built a bullet for that ran 11.17@121 but I was going broke by then ;-)

New ride: 87' GN w/49k on the odometer. Has been owned, modded and loved by my long time friend (Rick K) since 1993. He hasn't put 50 miles on it in the last 5 years and just bought a travel trailer and casually suggested he'd make me a good deal. I listened and ten days later it's at my another Turbo 6 friends shop (Turbo Don). And yes that's my low boost burnout today, had to break it in right!

Rick ran a best of 10.73@129 ten years ago and hasn't raced since. That's a full weight car (3800 w/ him in it).

Current: Built engine using stock internals, 214(?) cam, stock ported heads, stock headers, FAST system, 85(?)# injectors, lots of custom fasteners and stainless lines, turbo saver, V1 intercooler, a custom electric evap system on an RPM switch, Turbo 400 w/brake, 12 gallon fuel cell with -10 line and using the supply as a return, Aeromotive A1000 pump, pinion girdle, Wolfe Racecraft rear suspension pieces and a lot more "engineering". She came with a set of Weld Draglites and a set of GNX repro's with brand new rubber (for sale), two correct code 200r4's (one is for sale), a complete hydroboost system in the box including a Wilwood master cylinder and all the lines! Also two new window motors and the anti rattle kit plus enough parts to fill the truck bed and a small SUV!!!

NEW: He just updated the turbo with a Precision 67/68 billet impeller with external wastegate...had to put a lighter spring and back the boost knob way off...the car still needs to be tuned for the new turbo. Has just a couple hours on it.

My plans: Learn what's new with these cars, I want to go low 10's. Planning to go to a radial slick (maybe the ET Street Radial Pro or Pro Bracket radial??), want to replace the passenger car KYB's with the latest technology, pull the front swaybar, perform a quality race alignment, thinking of adding Baseline Suspension's adjustable upper control arms but then again I need to read more AND ASK QUESTIONS ON THE FORUM! She will go on the rollers for a safe and effective tune of course. Oh and I'd like to install the hydroboost system too.

I'll also do a lot of cosmetic detailing, carpet the trunk, replace headliner, etc., etc. Already ordered new emblems.

Me: Had a lot of toys over the years, currently have a supercharged 720+whp Grand Sport Corvette with a 6spd manual, I travel all over with it (leaving from Dallas to Bowling Green and then to Tail of the Dragon and home in a couple weeks in it). Only one pass down the quarter so far and ran 10.84@136 in the heat. I also have a lifted old school Cherokee (XJ) thats a toy. In the past I've had V8 Vega's and V8 Datsun Z cars, a couple wicked nitrous Nova's, a sleeper C/10 truck with a camper shell and nitrous, a fun 944 Turbo Porsche with a mondo turbo and more.

Happy to get the Buick because I miss launching balls out and having a classic! Love the rush of the turbo too.....
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Here are a few'I really like the Limited you had. H150307_0000.jpg
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Great car and combo. Can't wait to here more about this monster.
Welcome to the site and happy spooling.:)

Mike Barnard