Back in the game, and need a little advice...


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Guys, I have been out of the game for a couple years, and have not driven my car in over 2 years. Other projects, stupid Covid, and life in general has gotten in the way. I want to buy a new turbo, new oil feed, and new oil drain for my car. Specs of the car are in my signature. If you can't see it because of a mobile device here it is.

1987 GN - 109 + .020 block / ARP rod bolts, head bolts & main studs / Weisco forged pistons / Comp 210-215 roller cam / Ported stocks / PT51 / RJC Power Plate / Lorenz boost controller / 3" THDP / Duttneck SLIC / 80lb. injectors / Walbro 340 & hotwire / Billet AFPR / TT 5.7 chip / AXIS / LS1 MAF / K&N 12" cone / Pypes 2.5" dual exhaust / D5 / 3.42's / Spohn front UCA's / Hotchkis rear U & LCA's / QA1 coil overs (x 4) / 18's & 20's / S10 Blazer front brakes & cross drilled rotors / Aluminum rear drums & S10 rear cylinders / Jeep steering shaft / Alum. radiator / Intrepid dual fans

My old school PT51 is smokin like a steam train, and has gotten worse over the last couple years. My oil drain is completely clear and unobstructed, so I am assuming the turbo is leaking from the exhaust side. I'd like a newer style turbo, and I'm considering the Precision PT 5831 MFS w/ Buick .63 AR housing.

I would also like to purchase this new oil feed & return kit from GN1.

Would you guys agree with my decision? When comparing the specs from old PT 51 to new PT 5831 MFS they share the same HP rating of 585. They share the same inducer wheel size of 2.290" and they share the same exducer wheel size of 2.950". They also share the same inlet size of 3", and the same outlet size of 2". The main difference seems to be the wheel style PT 51 = T350 where as the PT 5831 = T31. Can I assume this is the difference between old school and new school??

I do not want to change my setup too much as my car has always been reliable, and performed well. I want to fix my issues and get back to enjoying my car. I also want to be sure these parts will fit like stock, and be compatible with my stock powdercoated turbo cover. Am I making the right decision? Thanks for any input. James-