Bad Injector harness

Each injector gets a ground signal wire from the ecm through the harness plug, and all injectors share a 12 volt feed. You can ohm test from each injector plug back to the main plug, wiggle them a bit while testing. That's about all the testing you can do without an actual load on the wires.
So set the meter to Ohms and touch one end on the injector harness plug and the other end on the harness end itself?..what ohm range am i looking for?
You can use the 200 ohm range. It should be very low (3 or less) between the 2 plugs if you have a good constant connection.
You can also test the 2 pins on each injector, they should be about 16 ohms if they are smaller high impedance injectors, and about 3 ohms if the are low impedance ones.