Bad vender


I would like to take this opportunity to warn all people who use this board, about a bad, untrustworthy vender. Over the last ten years, I have purchased approximately $6000 to $8000 of merchandise from Poston Enterprises. They have recently changed ownership, and the quality of service and reliability has gone way down.
Let me tell you about my latest and last experience with them.
On 11/07/08, I purchased a stock replacement K&N air filter for my GN as well as a rear main seal, and a dual guage console holder. I called back after about 30 minutes and told them that I didn't want the guage holder. This was not a problem since it was late in the day and the order did not get processed for shipment. The next day I discovered that they charged me for the guage holder anyways. When I recieved my order, It was missing the K&N air filter and the rear main seal was not correct. The seal was knurled and It was blue with steal in the core. I have later been informed that it is for a big block. When I called Poston's, they told me the air filter was on back order and that they would send me a refund for the guage holder. As on Jan, 2009, they have not obtained any K&N air filters, so I told them to forget it and refund me that amount as well. They agreed, but they were unwilling to do anything for me concerning the wrong rear main seal. I have called them twice a week for the last month, concerning my refund. They keep saying that they will send me the $57 they owe me, but they still have not. I feel that I am at an impass with them. Their credability is shot, and I feel that I will have to take other measures to solve this problem. This is a strong warning to anybody considering ordering parts from them, Don't do it. They will charge you, before they have the parts. If they can't get the parts, they will keep your money and you will be screwed. If they have the parts in stock, they might send you the wrong ones.
As turbo Buick people, we need to stick together and warn each other about these fraudulent businesses. I believe they will go out of business soon. They have had my money for three months, I'll probably never see it.:(
Me too

I had a similar experience with poston, I ordered a fuel pump and was charged for it but never received it. took me three months to to get money back.

I found out from my credit card company that I was SOL because it was more than 60 days from the point of purchase. I then called Postons with a nasty attitude. What the hell, I had nothing to lose at that point. I don't enjoy treating people like that. But this time it worked. They sent my refund in two days. Unfortunately, I can't trust them in the future.
yeah its sad that people do $hit like that but people these days will take your kindness for weakness thats why from now on when dealing with my cars and money I will be hard core.