Batch dfi stalling

Anybody have any hints as to why my car tends to stall when I put it in gear, If I am driving and come to a stop it is ok but when I drop it into gear it dies , I bumped up the fuel numbers a little and this helped, but now it seems to fat at idle, it also seems to be more sensitive to electrical load, If I have the fan on it is worse,it's allmost like there is no antcipator to kick the rpm up before it goes into gear like the factory ecm does.

Raise the idle a little. With the batch units i have found the idle needs to be raised a couple hundred rpm. When you work the fuel map from idle put car in gear and turn A/C on. Work the numbers around the cell that you are idleing in. When you go from no load idle to gear it will move to a different cell. That cell or surounding cells may be to lean.

Lonnie Diers
I use to have this same problem, like Lonnie said check the cells around where it idles in gear with full electrical load. Also check the stall rate graph and maybe increase that. Mine was just a little too lean in those cells.

You should think of that fuel table as a smooth transition from cell to cell. The DFI will run much better and your motor for that matter if you go through the table and try to make the numbers a little less drastic of a jump.

For example if you are idling with the car in Neutral and the cell the indicator is on at that time has a value of 22 that is fine. Now look at the cells around it. If they go say from 22 to 38 that is too drastic of a jump and that will cause a stall. Increse that idle cell by 6 counts and then try it. If that helps but it is still doing it Decrease the cell that it jumps to when you put it in Drive.

Getting the idle right in a DFI is always different on any two cars. Even with the same motor they need a little tuning.

The fuel tables are a 3D map when you look at them but try to think of it like a HP curve. You have to get the curve right first.

Hope that helps.