Bates 2020 car show event pushed back two months to Aug 2nd due to corona virus.

Hi Drew,

The car that ended up in Simi Valley was originally a gun metal grey '87 Turbo T Regal. The seller was under the impression that it was a Limited but it isn't. It had been repainted with a poor quality black paint job from the 90's which didn't hold up well and looks terrible. It has T tops and bench seat / column shift. It needs lots of love, I know the guy who bought it got it running but I doubt it's registered and driving yet. Let me know if you see it! :cool:

will keep my eyes open. hope ya find something worth while ; )
These cars never let you go do they? :p I am happy to have mine back and will be at the show whenever it happens.

I've got a soft spot for them. Not sure why sometimes, I've owned too many over the years. If I had the money back I'd squandered on Buicks over the years I'd probably be retired by now. Almost without exception the Buick folks are some of the best people I've met over the years. Maybe that's why I keep going down this road. Either that or it's the classic definition of insanity: Continuing to do the same thing and expecting the results to be different. o_O