Battery Cover/Box


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May 19, 2014
I had some extra material (acrylic) that I'm making my Translator Mounting Brackets and Wiper Motor Covers out of and decided to try my hand at a battery box/ cover. I wanted it to be something that replaced the stock battery strap and secured the battery in its spot.
To secure it I incorporated the same style tab that is on the battery strap to the one side and removed the fastener nut from the header panel and installed it on the battery box cover. Then the box goes under the header panel and the same bolt pulls it tight and keeps it in place.
Because the material is an acrylic plastic I don't have to worry about the battery terminals shorting on the bottom of the cover.
I'll probably dip mine in Carbon Fiber but for now the matte black just blends it into the engine bay.
A nice size sticker on top too is a possibility.


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