Belly pan/drip pan


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Dec 9, 2002
My friend Mike that has a LS swapped Turbo T, fabbed up an aluminum pan for his car. The car is a serious low 8 second/150mph+ street monster over 1300hp. He told me that the pan works. He had a coolant leak at the radiator hose at the block. The pan caught the all the coolant and saved a potential disaster at the track. I asked him if he could do one for me as a test for my T and few of my cohorts. I made templates and compared them to his pan. My TA headers swoop down and that aspect of the pan had to modified from the LS design. The TB pan with TA headers design mods were made and tried in. Fit perfect. For his design he uses 2 stand offs that he mills himself and thread inserts to the crossmember. It's solid. Been 150+ mph no issues on his car. I did the same for my mounting. On my car it's also very solid. No vibration at all. I plan to use the self adhesive pigmatt inside. Not sure if different brands of headers would need the same cutout that mine needed. It's heavy gauge aluminum and has reinforcement strips on each side. He is willing to make some. If interested you can message me your number and I will forward it to him since he doesn't come on here anymore and is not on FB.


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I don't see why it wouldn't work with a front mount. On my car the front ends right at the pulley so it shouldn't interfere any piping.
Pronto , do you know how much he would be asking for one ? I might be interested .
I don't have a price but I can give you his number if you want to text him directly. Message me. I don't think he's trying to make a killing on these but materials and shipping are not cheap today. I've looked at ones online and some are really crazy for what they are. I will say this, it's well made and for me it's a nice solution. Also, it's made specifically for a G Body so there is no extra modifications needed unless you want something else done. IMHO, way easier and nicer than a diaper for a street/strip type application. 2 bolts and it's out of the way. Can't get easier than that.