best turbo for 22psi?


Bettie is the boss
fellas, i have a tta and want to know what is the best turbo on the market to go low 11's with keeping the boost at 22 psi MAX? right now i have a te-61 that the previous owner had set to 25psi on alky. with this set-up i spun a rod bearing and don't want to do that again. i'm convinced that 25 psi is pushing the threashold on a stock block and stock interenals. hell, maybe 22 psi is too, i'm taking opinions on that. :wink:

i know every turbo has a sweet spot but have no idea what they are and where they are at. the plan is to install a back-up stock shortblock and make it live trying for low 11's like the car was capable of before. i'm not sure of what cam to use yet but i'm leaning towards a roller of some sort. any imput here would help too.

i currently have a 3200 stall but i will change that if needed. the car also has a 3" thdp, 50lb msd's, razor's alky, and a turbo tweak chip for a ta-49 which will need to be changed i'm sure. everything else is stock.

i plan on running meth injection using razor's alky again, this time with the upgraded pump psi led. i have the older set up that doesn't have that and now that i've learned it's out there i will shout from the tallest hill that it's a must have item! you must know if you are getting peak spray when running high boost on pump gas!

again, finding the right turbo to make the most of 22psi max shooting for low 11's is the goal. any help from my knowlegdeable turbo brothers will be greatly appreciated! :)