Big brother is at it again!!!

Tom Mahi

My name is.......Tom :o)
May 25, 2001
Just saw on the news that starting Monday, vans with RADAR guns and cameras will be conducting surveillence at several Oahu locations. If you're caught exceeding the speed limit or running a red light, the camera takes your picture and you get a ticket in the mail. Beware Big Brother's watchful eye! Think I'll start riding a moped again! :rolleyes:

Hey Tom,

Better re-think that idea...Mopeds nowdays can get you into a lot of trouble too, especially those *modified* ones.:D
Take care.

KENNE-BILL, could I borrow one of your license plates? I just need one for the front bumper.:D
They said that even a mile over the speed limit you can even get a ticket!
Originally posted by GNSteve
Hey Tom,

Better re-think that idea...Mopeds nowdays can get you into a lot of trouble too, especially those *modified* ones.:D
Take care.


That's the idea!:D

Mopeds can go pretty fast, but when they take the picture, there won't be any license plate to trace.;)

take off the front license plate. that should solve that. :D. They cant cite you if they dont know who you are.
For all you speeders and yellow light chance takers..... which I am sure none of us are

Initial location for photo-enforcement of laws regarding stop lights
€ Vineyard Boulevard and Punchbowl Street
€ Pali Highway and School Street
€ Likelike Highway and Kahekili Highway
€ H-1 Exit 18 East and Middle Street
€ Nimitz Highway and Kalihi Street
€ Kunia Road and Kupuna Loop
€ Kalaniana'ole Highway and 'Ainakoa Avenue/Waikui Street
€ Farrington Highway and Nanakuli Avenue
¼ Fort Weaver Road and A'awa Drive/Old Fort Weaver Road
€ Kamehameha Highway and Pali Momi Street

Initial locations for photo-enforcement of speeding laws

€ Farrington Highway
€ Fort Weaver Road
€ H-1 Freeway
€ H-2 Freeway
€ H-3 Freeway
€ Kahekili Highway
€ Kalaniana'ole Highway
¼ Kamehameha Highway, Route 83 & 99
€ Kane'ohe Bay Drive
€ Kunia Road
¼ Likelike Highway
€ Moanalua Freeway
€ Nimitz Highway
€ Pali Highway

Source: State Department of Transportation
Thanks for the info John. At least we'll know where to look for those vans/cameras.

Chris, Hawaii State Law requires a front license plate visible on your car at all times, even when its parked. Some other states only require rear plates, but we're not so lucky. Thanks to all who vote democrat every election!!:rolleyes:

argh. Is there a law against puting a smoked license plate cover on the front. I know there's something against puting them on the rear. ahh. Though, I think that using the photo traps on the free is somewhat a good idea, I dont think that puting them on traffic lighted intersections is a good idea. I read on Speedhawaii that the company that are issuing the radar-cams recieve a profit for every cite it makes. Imagine how much the company would make during rush hour traffic. Also, another member brought up that yellow light intervals play a factor to the profits that both the state and that company thats providing the cameras shorten the yellow light time till it turns red. There would be investigations on the mainland, in areas that use redlight cameras, the state or county would shorten the yellow light interval from 4 seconds to 2 seconds. I'd have to be speeding to make it though an intersection in 2 seconds. Not only that, but it helps to increase accidents. Think about it - You're driving at the posted limit of 25MPH, and 25-35 feet away from the light, it turns yellow. To avoid the redlight the yellow quickly turns into, you hit the brakes hard, and stop. The guy behind you has little time to react, due to your sudden lack of movement. He smacks you from behind. Another thing is, when your in the intersection and about to make a left turn. You'd have to be a little less than half way through the intersection before you make the turn. During during rush in the opposite direction hardly let you go making the only time ever making it through the traffic during the yellow light. If the cameras were manned on intersection...a little bit of common sense would help. since they would be automated...this is going to suck really bad. as for the freeways and highways...I think this is a good idea to regulate speed. And since they are going to be manned...I'll feel more comfortable. I hope that the state knows what its doing. It's either going to help the community? or its just going to be another waste of tax...AGAIN. I just hope that the law makers can handle the heat when their own laws catches up with them...and none of this freebie crap for them either.
Big brother?

Anyone got those cool european plates? just don't get caught! Then again, not traceable to you.... Also, I've heard of some clear plate covers that blur when viewed from angles other than straight on... What about mud? or a little piece of tape to alter a letter or number? Hey, you didn't hear any of this from me....:cool:

Big brother

I thought moving violations are against the driver? not against the registered owner (R.O.), how are they gonna make these stick if the driver is not the R.O. ?:confused: Do they expect the owner to rat on the driver? If law enforcement can't catch these guys, they want us to squeal on our spouses/ freinds, etc? Damn, that sucks...: :mad: , Also what, just say, the car is stolen, who gets the ticket? The thief? or the owner? this is stupid, They could mark the sides of the freeways every 1/4 mile to calculate speed, and catch blatant speeders by air like they do on the mainland. Then send an officer out to catch him in the act. I like it the old way like it was when I was younger....if they can't catch you, they can't ticket you:cool: or the cops would even challenge you to a race...if you won, no ticket, if you lost, you got the ticket anyway...;) Of course this was a long time ago(not that long, really) out in the less populated part of the island...:D
Not sure of the current status on this subject, BUT....

Back when I drove a Honda, (No stickers, wings, aero kits, etc.) :p and was trying to get a safety check, I was told by the inspector that all types of license plate covers were illegal for use on public roadways. EVEN CLEAR covers. This made no sense to me, and although the ispector let me slide anyway, I asked a HPD friend of mine if that was true. He said it was, so I took mine off. Maybe the rules have changed since then, but I'm not sure.

Just remember, a lot of things sold in public for use on your car is not actually legal to use on your car in public. You're responsible to find out what is legal, not the retailer. If everything they sold was legal for YOUR car, we could all have (reality check) 22" wheels, 450 hp NOS kits, and pure methanol all the time!

Big Brother??????

OK then,

So we all become law abiding citizens monday. Also, for those of you that have talled than stock size tires, beware of the fact that this creates inaccuracies in speedometer reading. If I recall correctly, there is a formula that calculates tire size vs eng rpm. anyone know off hand?
Big Brother?

Unless this is another "between the lines" interpetation of the law, there is nothing in the books pertaining to license plate covers, except that they may not be used for the purpose of deterring law enforcement. Meaning that if they are clear, and do not obstruct the view of the license plate, or alter its appearences, are o.k. Bottom line is, though, its up to the discretion of the inspector. There are some lenient inspection stations, as we all know, but we shouldn't publish the names here or in any public forum, lest they no longer be lenient.

As for the legality of other parts, if you purchase from a reputable local retailer, i.e., Rons, etc., They will tell you if what you are about to purchase is or is not legal for "on Highway or street use" as they work side by side to be sure what they sell is legal. Also, check the packaging, or if mail ordering, the disclaimer or parts description, this will also tell you for on highway use. If you want to be a real pain in the butt, you may call the recon station and ask them if what you are planning to purchase is legal, under Hawaii law.

BTW the guy at recon with the cowboy hat is Kevin Brown, and, although people say he is kind of a hard ass, he is probably also the most helpful when calling for information/help. Whatever you do, do not give these guys a bad time. They are doing the job they are paid to do, making sure the vehicles on our streets safe. If you disagree with the law, see you representative.
Radar Speed Trailers

You know, those little trailers that flash your m.p.h. if you exceed the speed limit. Well, I always wondered if it went over 99 since there are only 2 digits. I "tested" one on the H-3 and was expecting to see 01, 02, 10, etc. but it does only flash 99. :D

John, is that just like the digital dash on the Buicks? lol:D Anyhow, if they're gonna use those, could'nt we tow 'em away? (not us law abiding citizens:D )or turn 'em upside down? Realistically, though, a majority of these wanna-be ricer-boys and girls don't run front plates anyway, irregardless of the legality of it. (see the pics @ so if the pic is taken from the front, hows it gonna work? also motorcycles, out of state vehicles, etc. BTW, anybody know if the front plate has to be mounted facing forward and the rear rearward? like i said before, a little bit of black tape could go a long way:D