big electrical prob.


boost junkie
Oct 20, 2001
well put a few bolt ons and decided to shorten the ecm wires and thats where the problem begins. i got the car running but pours out white smoke (unburned fuel) code43. i took out the plugs they were saturated in raw fuel. took out the o2 same then tumbled the motor fuel spraying out the spark plug holes. changed and gaped plugs changed o2. start it up again and same thing. changed ESC no diff. then checked spark (funny thing is it isnt a blue spark its redish orange. batt voltage 12.5. used noid light all injector plugs are lighting up i had cut the wiring harness before but never had a problem. just trieng to get rid of some slack. car doesnt idle right its obvious that the car is missing. im thinking not enough spark but hows that possible and why 43? thanks in advance for the help.
after you shortened the wires, how did you put them back together????????? Hopefully you didnt crimp them right??????