big turbo & 9" stall with bone stock heads/cam chime in please.



If you are running this combo how does it work in the street and what et's at track ie....boost/et please.
9" AC NL/T63E/Bone stock heads but with a small 210/205 cam it was excellent on the street and I got an 11.78@113 on 20 PSI at the track with ET Streets.
9" 16930 AC, Craig TA63 turbo, bone stock engine, 93 octane plus water/methanol ..... drag radials.....
11.76@ 116 taking it easy.
Launch in the vacuum. Works perfect on the street, no lag.
26PSI, 18 degrees.
Thanks guys any more out there. Whats up Jesse I gotta call sometime so we can shoot the breeze!:)
0 pump 7 disc Vigilante, bone stock motor, T63E. Usually run 11.8-12.0@ 20-21lbs on DRs 1.7-1.8 60ft.
A guy in our club runs consistent 11.20's with a TE45 and 210/205 cam and unported heads. Runs a 9" lockup convertor.
3" d/p and exhaust
msd 50's, LS1 maf & xlator plus
BGC Stetch IC
Art Carr 9" non lock up.
Every thing else is stock with 104k miles on it

With slicks, race gas, 26 psi and low timming:
60': 1.698
1/8: 7.27 @ 97.1mph
1/4: 11.30 @ 118.6mph

On the street the car is a pig from a dead stop. Not enough motor to snap that big turbo over none to quick. BUT!!! this is good because as soon as it does the car goes nuts roasting the tires. What would be perfect is if it would hit lets say 5#'s real quick and then go from 5#'s to 20#'s at a slower pace to keep the tires hooked up. Once your cruising along the lag is reduced alot. Power comes on both quick and hard at any thing over about 30 mph. One draw back is I heard the 63's have a sweet spot of around 26#'s of boost. I personaly found out its pretty much true. If your willing to put some good juice in the gas tank and turn the boost up to the 26# range or so I say go for it. If you dont like boost that high then I think you should go with a quicker spooling set up. One more thing I have made a run out on the steet at 30psi, had the fuel right, and it was cool out. MAN! the car felt like a run away freight train. One day I think Ill try a full pass at the track at 30psi.
Big turbo, big intercooler, high boost, fuel dialed in, decent launch......your going to go fast, stock long block or not.

HTH: Jason
I forgot to mention that after I ran at 26#'s I lowered the boost to 23#'s and ran 11.67 @ 116mph. Previously I was stuck in the low 12's trying to run o2's in the .780 to .800v range. I pulled some fuel out with my xlator plus and thats when the car really woke up, running in the .760 to .780v range. I heard turbos use exhaust pressure, velocity, and heat to spin them. I think since I dont have alot of motor that the fatter a/f ratio kills the performance of the car due to cooling down the exhaust to much. Thats just a theory. ( if press, vel, and heat spool it, and heat goes down doesnt press have to go up?? and isnt that press the back press on the motor??)

HTH: Jason
Not exactly what you asked for but here is my combo:

TE-61 w/ PTE exhaust housing
CPP spec 206/206 cam by Comp Cams
Stock heads freshened up with new springs & 3 angle valve job
~3200 rpm stall top-hat (old Art Carr 9/11") converter

Car has excellent street manners & pulls VERY strong on the big end. Will hit max boost 3/4 of the way through your average intersection launching off idle & seems like it's instantaneous with even a little bit of brake stall. Best ET to date is a string of 11.7's@115.5 mph w/ mid 1.6 60ft times in "safe" mode which for me = 19lbs of boost, CPP street chip, 100 octane homebrew in the tank & 28-10.5-15" slicks. :)

Doug C.
TE64-1,vig non lock 0 pump,small esp cam,55's,slicks,@25 lbs boost 11.00@125.the conv was too tight a 6 pump would have been better.