big turbo


Aug 17, 2001
Do any of you guy's that are running faster than 11 flat have a 64 size turbo? If so, what is your opinion of it. I have been looking at a combination of the 64 turbo, 55 lb. injectors, custom throttle body, 3" down pipe, roller cam, 3500 stall converter, and heavy duty gasket set. This recipe came from ATR. They say it is not to streetable. I would like to do 10's, but I also enjoy driving the car on the street. Any info is really appreciated. ttanut.
Your new signature says 9.90 with a new combo. Do you care to go in to some more details, like what is the new combo? ttanut.
New combo I added 214-210 roller,CAS front mount,fresh trans,bigger turbo I went 127 with a TA-60,fresh heads,M/T front runners,70 MM T/B.We are going to the track sunday.I will post results.HTH