Biggest Streetable Turbo?


In all honesty I'd say a 76 BB (ball bearing) turbo is probably the biggest streetable turbo, but this all really depends on what you feel is streetable.....
If u get the dual ball bearing turbos then you can go with a TE 61
and a 2800- 3000 stall.
Then chip and tune REALLY has and effect on spool.

There are plenty of options.

The term streetable gets really "misconstrewed".

A car in the same trim and tune to run mid - low 11's and high 10's or lower on the street daily is too much in my honest opinion safely.

Trim and tune for low 12's high 11's and someone w/self control and knows how to handle the power, then yes. These cars can get truckin pretty quick and the factory brakes and suspension is not that great for high speed manuevers/stopping or other scenarios that arise when poundin it on the street.
I run a BB-T-70 Q trim with a 3500 stall and I think it runs great on the street. I drive it everywhere weather permitting. Hell I drove it to NY city once (8hrs) to visit CK performance, never skipped a beat. I wouldn't hesitate to go a bit bigger next time, say 72ish. Still wayyy to fast to stand on it much on the street though. People hear you comin for miles.
I've got a 80bb w/ 3500 stall and it drives excellent but it's on a stage 2.
It depends alot on how many cubic inches you re running on your block and how well everything flows to know how large the turbo should be.
Actually only depends on 2 things:

driving ability and insanity level :eek:
I am fixing to go with a TE60 in the next couple of weeks. Who sells a BB version of that turbo? I was going to get it from PTE but did not see that option. Ne 1 know how how much one cost?
Turbonetics BB stage 5 is a TE60. Has the stage 5 exhaust wheel that is a little smaller than a P-trim and a 10 blade wheel. I had that turbo a while back and loved it. Get the 4" inlet 2 1/2" outlet. Cotton can hook you up with one.
I agree, call Jack, he can hook you up with any ball bearing turbo.

If you have a 3K stall converter ask him about the 65s and 66s. :cool: