Black Air Video

i as well just finished the video, i got it in on monday. i thought it was extremely done well! i wish there was less ferrari stuff though! lol i am hoping they do another one!
Yeah, i just finished watching it for like the 5th time.. I think the Exotic car talk ( a lot of it ) was put in there because it really brings out the fact that the straight line performance of those cars is expected.. Those cars were Bred to be like that, all that history, then all of a sudden, this Pedestrian , Production line car that has been around with it's Turbo suddenly blows them all out of the water when the 86 version comes along ! I mean, it's incredible when you think that it beats a Ferrari GTO that has a twin turbo intercooled V8 from 0-60.. truly astonishing stuff..
My grandson wanted to hang the Black Air Poster in his bedroom.he is 4 and a half....gotta love him
I watched portions of it at Richard Clarks place this past weekend and from what I seen it looks pretty good.. I would have also done a little less emphasis on the Ferrari's too but all in all it looked pretty good.

I hope they do a part two but this time include the other TR's...... It was funny to me seeing some of the 0-60 times of those sports cars back in the day compared to what my car does today with the suspension & brake mods.