Blew a head gasket... I think...


Mar 17, 2002
Ok heres the deal Car still runs fine but I pulled this from the pass side head...

Is this a peace of head gasket because that is the same place where there is a ton of coolent running out of....
Also whe and what type of gasket should I get....
And a step by step would help also..
Replace both?

Thanks also I think as soon as the car is done it may be going up for sale. Need money for college as well as a car I don't feel bad about putting miles on...
That would be what's left of your headgasket...100% certain! I would replace both sides, I'm sure the other side is either shot or on it's way to be shot. Either the stock GM or Felpro 9441PT headgaskets will work just fine. Make sure both the deck and heads are as CLEAN and free from debris as possible before you bolt it back together. Do not use the factory headbolts, get a set of ARP's from and call it good. Good luck!
I would do both as well. Check with Phil to see what kind of HG's he used when he built it.

I would have the heads checked for flatness, you can look at the head bolts and determine if theyre ARP's or not. ARP's have that stamped on them.

Aside from that, head surfaces ultra clean, bolt holes tapped out, use thread sealer on the head bolts, lube on the heads of the bolts, and try to keep lube to a minimal on the threads so it doesnt seep into the HG.

Its time consuming, you'll have to strip everything off the motor, most here that have done it, it takes a weekend.

9441's or GM's are fine. Good thing if he used ARP's your looking at 2 hg's and an intake gasket. + labor.

That surging may have led to the problem.
I'm almost of the opinion that other than the frig'n motor mounts being a whore to get lined back up, you'd be time ahead to yank the motor to make things easier. I just did mine in the engine bay...wasn't that big of a deal other than all of the crap that needs to be removed to get there. I was very impressed how much room the TTA heads give ya when yanking them off.
Damn Hunter, must have happened last night as I say you driving it yesterday afternoon around 3pm. Anyways, give me a call, I am sure I can be a major help as I have done it way too many times:mad:

Your first problem will be locating some gaskets, Merles told me they would start stocking them but I don't know if they did. You will need an intake gasket as well.
Actually I was driving it at three and at about 3:30 when I got home I noticed that it was the out side that blew out not in to the motor but out of the water jacket...
You know I dont remember for sure which HG's I used but proally the Felpros, and yes the car has ARP's already.

Good Luck Hunter.
I wont have time to do it for weeks so if any one in Tucson has done it before and would like to make a few bucks let me know....
Originally posted by GTABurnout
I wont have time to do it for weeks so if any one in Tucson has done it before and would like to make a few bucks let me know....

Sure, I have done quite a few (on my car) so I am all set up to do it. Give me a call and we can talk about it. The biggest pain is trying to find the parts, nobody stocks the gaskets in town. Still thinking about the steel shims? They only cost about $10 more than the Felpro's.

Anyways, 207-2237