Blm 110


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I have a basically stock 84 T-Type and am fighting low BLMs. I first noticed the low reading with a new chip that I purchased. My IAC and TPS readings are within the acceptable ranges, but my BLM is 110. I reinstalled my stock chip and my BLM readings are between 123 and 125. I contacted the person I purchased the new chip from and he made some adjustments and sent me a new chip. I just installed that chip and my BLM is stuck on 110 again. I tried another MAF and it increased my BLM some on the stock chip but it had no effect on the new chip. I have also replaced my O2 sensor. The car seems to run better with the new chip, but the 110 BLM concerns me. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do or what my problem may be? Is it the 2 new chips or could it be something else that the new chips read and the old stock chip does not?
For me, 110 is an acceptable BLM number.

The range is something like 90-140. You're right there in the middle ranges. Unless you're having driveability issues, I'd run with it.

Your post also doesn't state which BLM cell is low. There are 16 BLM cells if memory serves. I'm assuming you're probably talking about either idle or part throttle cruising? Even if it's WOT 110, you're fine in my opinion.
I've read on this board that optimal is 128 and the range should be 128 plus or minus 10. If 110 is actually ok, I can live with it. Any thoughts from other members?
Is it a Turbo Tweak chip ? Did you adjust your fuel press and allow the chip to learn the car as instructed ? Is this only at idle or is it rich all the time? You could drive it and see if it eventually corrects itself as it learns the car.

My blm at idle was 115. I had my fp at 43 with the vac line off but when I put the vac line on the fp did not go down at all. I was told to unplug my hot wire kit because I had too much fuel pump. My fp dropped to 38 with the vac line on and 43 with it off, my blm went up to 120 because of that.