BLM Cell 0 Adjustments ??


May 25, 2001
What is the best way to bring down the numbers at idle? I've tried adding fuel in the 800 rpm area and have added 18 points from -9 to +9 but the blm hasn't really changed. Is A/F the better way to work on this?
Depends what injectors. Sometime you can play with the injeector constant, sometime you need to play with the MAF tables. To change target AF you also need to raise/lower O2 thresholds. Just keep in mind, the further you get away from 14.8, the less accurate the fueling will be (O2 sensor wise) In other words, as you bring the AF to say 13.5:1, and change the O2 correction window to reflect this (say low correction may be .400 and high will be .700 (from say .300-.600, the actual AF might be from 12.9-14.0 as the sensor used in our cars isnt really accurate outside of stoich. I remember seeing a graph somewhere that showed where our sensors lost accuracy. maybe someone knows it offhand. Carl? Bruce? Bob?