Blow through???


The "Computer Guy"
Feb 2, 2009
I just bolted on a new turbo from a forum member. I upgraded injectors, TTchip, translator, maf (ls6:cool: ) and braided oil return line.

First, the car idles soooooo sweet. It honestly idles better than my wifes jaguar.

However, when the engine gets hot there is alot of white smoke coming out of the exhaust. Also, I haven't sealed the downpipe good because i was fitting everything up and there is moisture boiling up out of the flange.

Before my mods I had no problem what so ever. The current oil return is a 6AN hose I'm going upto a 10 an.

Is it possible that the turbo is fine and the return line isn't flowing enough oil and causing backup?

I think I might have found my answer....

I don't think you should have any issues with that slight angle. But I have run a -8 as a drain and caused the oil to back up into the turbo. Switched to a -10 and it drained properly.

I'll do some tests and let everyone know...
white smoke? moisture boiling up?

sounds alot like a blown head gasket.... or water getting into the system some how..

definitly doesent sound like an oil return problem.

Is it a water cooled turbo?

No, its a T64E. But, while I was replacing the turbo I remember taking off the coolant line (to get a wrench in for the oil return) and coolant splashed around. Got all over the place. Perhaps that would be burning off. I haven't ran the car but 3 minutes because my oil return flange is cracked and I'm waiting on a new one. I'll keep everyone updated.