Body Bushing kits on Jegs, anyone used them?

Thats not a bad price but i dont think you get any bolts. This is just an opinion remember,i did the body bushings on my car but i used the poly ones. Alot of work but the single best upgrade i ever did to the car. Some say poly, others say never, only stock. That debate will go on and on im sure. The difference in my car was night and day after the install, a little stiff maybe but the car is tight as hell both staight and cornering.
Got my rubber body bushings (cushions) from CARS Inc. in NJ.

These rubber body bushings have the same GM part numbers stamped into the rubber. Not sure, but may be made on the same tooling as the originals where?

$239 for the body bushings (page 23)
& another $39 for the rad support bushings (page 5)